Julius Molnar

What is now Highway 434 through Longwood was long known as Molnar Avenue. It was named for one of the earliest settlers to the area, Julis Molnar.

He was born in Hungary in 1850. Julias appears in the 1880 Census living in Orange County (Precinct 2). At that time he was working as a clear and living as a boarder with the John W P Dodd family.

The 1883 book Orangeland says: “(E. W. Henck) was soon followed (to Longwood) by Julius Molnar, a young Hungarian, who was without means, but who, by push, energy and indomitable will, has made one of the finest orange groves in the county, and he is not only the owner of this valuable property but is the foremost merchant of the town, canning as heavy and fine a stock of general merchandize as can be found in any of the towns of South Florida.”

Molnar was given a land grant on the south side of 434 and 427 in 1882.