Mayors of Longwood

1923 / Edward Warren Henck

The town founder spent many of the early years as its mayor. He was the first mayor when the city was incorporated in 1923.

1924-1929 / James E. Walker

Elected to four consecutive terms as mayor, starting in 1924 and lasting until he died in office in 1929.

1930-1932 / R. R. Green

Elected to fill the post vacated by James E. Walker’s death.

1932-? J. H. Menick

After being elected, would spend months on end at his home in Connecticut.

1938- 1942 / George H. Bridge Jr.

1942-1946 / C. S. Baker

1946-1950 / H. L. “Lew” Arnold

1950-1952 / Robert Olin Elgin

1952 / Dr. Robert W. Dunn

He was a retired medical doctor and newcomer to the town, when his neighbors nominated him to run. He insisted that he would not campaign—and didn’t. He had no platform. Even once elected, when asked he would simply say that his plan was to “try to be a good mayor.”

1953 / Jesse Cottingham

1954 / Daniel J. Screeney

1956-1964 and 1966-1968 / Allen Robert Lormann

Very popular mayor and start of the Lormann dynasty of mayors in Longwood. Allen came to Longwood in 1945, after completing his service in World War 2. He was a lieutenant commander. The Lormanns lived on Wildmere Avenue for many decades. Lormann got into the real estate business and was the developer of the Longdale subdivision. Lormann Circle is named after them in that neighborhood.

He came into office starting in 1956, when he was just 35 years old. He served several consecutive terms between then and 1964. He then took over for another term starting in 1966, being elected again after Bernard Ellis Black stepped down as mayor the year before. Sadly, Lormann died during that term in 1968 at just 47 years old.

1964-1965 / David Wentworth

1965-1966 / Bernard Ellis Black

Had some recurring health issues after an operation and stepped down in 1966.

1968-1972 / Ken H. Brown

1972-1974 / Eugene Jaques

1974 – 1976 / James R. Lormann

James, the son of Allen Lorman, was elected as Longwood’s mayor at just 26 years old.


1978-1979, 1981-1983- June Odom Lormann

June was born in 1924 in Allendale, South Carolina.

Allen Lormann’s window, June, was very involved in the politics of Longwood after his death. She ran for mayor unsuccessfully a few times, before being nominated unanimously by the city commissioners once it changed to an appointed position. There was some controversy when they wanted to appoint her again for additional successive terms. Many thought the position should be a rotating annual position. It was determined that the mayor could be kept on for multiple terms and they kept her around for almost a decade in the post. She served as councilwoman, mayor or deputy mayor for 14 years.

After her retirement from office, she remained very active in civic leagues in Longwood, including the Longwood Historic Society. She was interviewed by the Society in this 2009 oral history. She died in 2020 at 96-years-old. She is buried with her husband in Longwood Memorial Gardens.

1980 – Steven Uskert

1984 – Russel Grant

1985 – Harvey Smerilson

1986 – Larry Goldeberg

1987 – Ed Myers

1988 – David Gunter

1989, 1991- Hank Hardy


1990 – Gene Farache

1991 – Adrienne Perry

She was the first black woman and the first black mayor elected in Seminole County. Perry had a doctorate in education and worked at Stetson University as director of student education. She and her husband lived on Rangeline Road.