Nathan J. Fogg

Nathan J. Fogg was one of the earliest full-time residents of Altamonte Springs. Reports put the family’s arrival between 1882 and 1884. He was originally from Maine and Massachusetts. Fogg served for the Union in the Civil War.

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He owned a 60-acre property known as Oak Knoll. There they raised pigs. They grew various crops such as pecans, fruit, and golden yams.

Fogg was one of the foremost members of the community and perhaps the most full-throated booster of the town during its early days. He regularly wrote letters to newspaper and other publications touting the merits of the community. He served as a real estate agent, bringing many of the wealthy residents to build homes here.

One of his other tasks around town was being a caretaker for various properties, including the Bradlee-McIntyre House. Most of the residents of Altamonte Springs at that time were wealthy New Englanders, but they only stayed in Altamonte for the winter months. So during the summertime, Fogg looked after the properties and did maintenance.

Fogg died in 1916 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando. Grave information…