Harold Edward Myers

Harold “Ed” Myers was a mayor and city commissioner of Longwood during the 1980s. He died on November 28, 1992 at 75 years old.

He was a tool and die maker and first elected to the commission in 1983. He served as mayor, appointed by fellow city commissioners, in 1987.

“He was not just considered the city commissioner or mayor, but he was known as a friend to everyone in Longwood,” his daughter, Sharon Prescott, Longwood, said. “Dad loved this city and it meant a lot to him.”

He was well known around town for his volunteer work, including at the Human Crisis Center and fixing up old toys or household items to repair and give to needy families.

Myers was born in Bloomington, Indiana and moved to the area in 1960. He lived at 1323 Hunt Road in Longwood.

A resident of 1323 Hunt Road, Longwood, Myers was born in Bloomington, Ind. and a graduate of Indiana University. He moved to Central Florida in 1960.

The 60-year-old community building in Longwood was named in his honor in 1993, called the Ed Myers Recreational Building. It hosted many community events and shuffleboard tournaments until it was torn down in 2002. It is where the city parking lot is now at Wilma and Warren.