Kelley House

211 West Bay Avenue
Kelley Grave at Longwood Cemetery

This home was originally built in about 1925. Originally it was used as a garage apartment. The two-story section in the rear grew through a series of additions. Its simple form and plain appearance are typical of a modest Vernacular Style structure. During the Depression the need for housing was frequently met by the conversion of utility buildings into residences and it was converted into a home. This building and the Clouser Cabinet Shop are examples of the plain unadorned-exterior structures typical of the 1930s.

The Kelley family moved into the home by the 1960s. Dorothy Josephine Woodard Kelley was a school bus driver and Peck Wayne Kelley was a brick mason. Their family continued to live there into the 1980s, following Dorothy and Peck’s death in the 1970s.