Le Rue House

This home was constructed in 1885 by J. S. Le Rue, who was a Longwood staircase builder and blacksmith. This T-plan house has a lot of craftsman touches along the roofline and front section that are the handiwork of Le Rue and typical of the period.

The Le Rues moved out after just a few years, and the home was subdivided into smaller apartment and used as a boarding house for many years.

In 1970 well-known local preservationists Grace and Robert Bedford bought the home and started a major restoration project. The rear section of the house was an extension added by the Bedfords. They also replaced the original medal roof with shingles at that time.

In 2017 the home was purchased by the Brown family. Christine Brown is a local artist and previously ran an art studio on the other side of 427 in the Henck-Tinker Building. After extensive work in repairs to the home, such as leveling floors, the new studio was opened in December of 2017 in the Le Rue House.


Take art lessons (kids and adults) or browse the studio to shop for one-of-a-kind pieces of art and jewelry. The studio is run by Society member Christine Brown and family. More info: Barbed Wire Browns Blog…