Loder House

251 W. Warren Ave, Longwood, FL
Howard W. Loder
Howard W. Loder

This house was built in 1925 (completed in 1926) for Howard W Loder, then the Longwood Chamber of Commerce secretary. They moved to Longwood from Montclair, New Jersey. The Loders lived here during the 1920s and 1930s.

Howard opened an electric shop called Service Electric Shop in 1926 and wired many of the buildings during that period. He graduated from the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute with BS and EE degrees. He was also secretary of the Longwood Chamber of Commerce and vice president of the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce.

Mrs. ___ Beebee Loder was the chairwoman of the Red Cross of Longwood.

The Loders wrote a lost anthem of Longwood, which was popularly recited at community events during the 20s and 30s. The music and lyrics have been thus far lost to time–the search continues!

The Loders left Longwood and moved back to New York in 1933. This was partly to be closer to their daughter, Mildred, who married in 1929. Once he returned to New York City, Loder was superintendent of the “largest apartment complex in the world” called London Terrace. It is a 19 story complex located in the Chelsea District of Manhattan, with 1700 apartments.

London Terrace in Manhattan, where Howard Loder was superintendent in 1934