Longwood Baptist Church

The original location of the Longwood Baptist Church was near the corner of West Warren Avenue and Milwee, near what is now Judy’s Dolls. It was first called Warren Street Methodist Church on land donated for that purpose by town founder Edward Henck. It was completed in 1886. The old Baptist parsonage house still exists just east of where the church once stood.

By 1891 the Methodist congregation dissolved. The Baptist Church purchased the property from the Methodist Episcopal Church trustees for $100 in 1907. The parsonage was moved here from West Longwood in 1911.

The congregation operated in this building until 1958 when they moved to the corner of East Warren and Grant Avenue. Their second location was where the Palms of Longwood assisted living facility now stands. The old church building was used for community purposes, such as the headquarters for the Boy Scouts, for a few years until it was blown down by a hurricane in the mid 1960s.

The Baptists used the Warren-Grant property until 1980, when it was sold for $350,000. That’s when the church moved into a new building at 891 E. SR 434.