Menick House

204 West Bay Avenue

This home was constructed around 1920 for J. Henry Menick and his wife. Menick was partners with Fredrick Slade in the Slade-Menick Manufacturing Company. Among other commerce, the company had a large cypress and pine lumber yard in the area. They manufactured wooden handles, among other things. Henry was a native of New York.

Menick sold his share to Slade in 1932. He decided to go into politics, serving as Longwood’s mayor for most of the 1930s.

The house is in the bungalow style that became popular in the 1920s and is covered with stucco, which was a new innovation at the time. The building has been altered in appearance quite a bit from the original: there is an addition to the back left and what was originally a front porch has been enclosed.

The building operated as a gift and toy shop in the 1990s, known as the Bay Avenue Collection.