Longwood ACL Train Depot

Front side facing south, in its original location on Church Street in Longwood.

This old train depot was located on the south side of Church Street, behind the Henck-Tinker block. It was first constructed somewhere around 1900 according to sources, but it looks very similar to the depot in the 1885 aerial drawing of Longwood. So one has to wonder if it was actually built in the early 1880s.

To be clear, the old Longwood train depot may in fact still exist… just not here. Reportedly, in 1965 the depot was given to a train museum called “Trains of Yesterday” in Hilliard, Florida and it was moved there. The museum, however, was short lived and it ran out of funds around 1972. The Society announced they had located the old depot and tried to get the funds to ship it back to Longwood in pieces and then reconstruct it. But the plan fell through. 

The old Longwood train depot was sold off to a family, who moved it a few blocks and converted it into a residence. It has gone pretty extensive renovations so has lost some of its original appearance.

1885 drawing of the location of the old depot in this spot. Several buildings still exist and are marked here to give a reference.
Back side facing north in its original location in Longwood.