Slade House

117 West Warren Avenue

This home was originally constructed in 1885, although its early residents are unknown. It has been extensively renovated and expanded over the years. The original section of the house is the section with the higher pitched roof on the left side. The front and right sections are later additions. The front door was previously just behind the present front door, behind the front extension.

The home was purchased by Fredrick C. Slade soon after he came to Longwood in 1920. Slade was a partner with J. H. Menick in the Slade-Menick Manufacturing Company. The local airport in Longwood was named Slade Airport in his honor; it operated until the 1960s off of 434 on the west side of the city.

The home was occupied for two decades by historic preservationist Grace Bedford, an early member of the Longwood Historic Society. Bedford lived in the home until her death in 1990. She is remembered for her contributions to the area’s history, and she donated the lot immediately the rear of the building to the Society for use as the new location of the Bradlee-McIntyre House when it was relocated to Longwood from Altamonte Springs in 1973.

Its address is Warren Ave, but the house itself fronts Bay Avenue, next to the Le Rue House.