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  • Longwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery

    The Longwood Cemetery has been used since at least 1880. The land was donated by its first homesteader, John Neill Searcy. Many people important in the development of Longwood, such […]

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  • 840 State Road 434

    840 State Road 434

    Many people fly by on 434 and never notice this understated historic building with a shady tree-covered lot. It was built in 1926. It is currently the location to Rosso […]

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  • Stum’s Corner

    Headed down Rangeline Road, you may never notice this stately old home. Located right where Church Avenue and Rangeline meet in Longwood, it was once one of the area’s preeminent […]

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  • Slade Airport

    The Slade Airport was named for local businessman Fredrick C. Slade and operated until the late 1960s. The runway cuts through what is now The Woodlands and Winsor Manor, near […]

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  • Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church

    AKA — Longwood Corinth Baptist Church Around 1880 the town of Longwood was coming into its own. That year it was linked with Sanford and Orlando via by a narrow-gauge […]

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  • Searcy House

    593 W Church Ave, Longwood, FL 32750

    This home was built in 1888 by John Neill Searcy. The Searcy homestead was very large on the west side of the town of Longwood, it stretched from the shores […]

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  • Demens Sawmill

    180 E Warren Ave

    The factory was built somewhere around 1880. It was owned by P. A. Demens & Company, the corporation of railroad man Peter Demens. It was located where the SunRail overflow […]

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  • Peter Demens House

    956 Bucksaw Pl

    The former homestead of railroad icon Peter A. Demens, a native Russian, was located on the northwest corner of East Lake. It is along the road now called Bucksaw Place. […]

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  • Longwood Baptist Church

    891 E. SR 434

    The original location of the Longwood Baptist Church was near the corner of West Warren Avenue and Milwee, near what is now Judy’s Dolls. It was first called Warren Street […]

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  • Frain House

    212 East 434, Longwood, FL

    Look beyond the overhang and new facade of the 434 Animal Hospital, squint a little bit, and you can clearly see the outline of an old farm house. It was […]

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